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Personal Statement

I am a current student at Victoria University, in the process of obtaining a conjoint Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws, who is looking for an internship whilst at university. I am honest, hardworking, and reliable, with experience in the commercial environment and would welcome any opportunity to further my career ambitions.



Through studying accounting and business studies at High School, I have developed a range of commerce skills. I was also able to apply this knowledge as the finance director of a social enterprise that I co-founded and applying this knowledge, allowing me to improve these skills further. This is evident through gaining excellence endorsements in Accounting in NCEA levels 1 – 3, Business Studies levels 2 – 3, and gaining the respective subject prizes. This is also reflected through my recent university grades, where I have gained several A+ grades for assignments across Accounting, Information Systems, and Management.

Critical Thinking

Through attending several entrepreneurial incubators, and studying law and history, I have developed my critical thinking skills. This has taught me to evaluate different situations based off logic to determine the best way forward, improving my problem solving ability, which I believe to be important in any workplace.

Work Ethic

Throughout my schooling career, I have taken pride in all of my academic and extra-curricular endeavours. As an action orientated person, I am always willing to attempt something new, and thrive on a challenge. Careful time management and a strong work ethic has ensured my academic success, and are attributes that I look to take to any future employment.

Interpersonal Skills

I have a strong set of interpersonal skills, allowing me to relate to people from all walks of life. I have demonstrated this through gaining a 100% customer service score from a Shopper Anonymous review, and through being a boarding student at Nelson College. Not only did I learn to live with 60 others while boarding at Nelson College, but through mentoring a junior student and attending leadership training, I developed my listening skills, approachability, and peer relationship skills, meaning that I am able to work effectively in a team environment.

Work experience

The Bidvest Chefs Project Jan 2015 — Dec 2015

Finance Director & Co-Founder

As part of the Young Enterprise Scheme, I was part of a group of young entrepreneurs that founded The Bidvest Chefs Project. Operating as a social enterprise, with all profits being donated to local charities, the organisation partnered with prominent chefs from around New Zealand to run interactive cooking courses, where guests created their own meals under the chef's tuition. After selling out to all five events in a matter of weeks, the organisation donated $8,000 to local charities, including Kaibosh and The Young Enterprise Trust. This role gave me practical business experience, including making strategic business decisions for the success of the organisation.

Picton Fresh Choice Dec 2011 — Jan 2016

Checkout Operator - Seasonal Employment

Scholastic Achievements

Nov 2015

  • Paul Milligan Award (Contribution to Information Technology at Nelson College)
  • First in Level 3 Accounting
  • First in Level 3 Business Studies
  • Stafford Scholarship for Modern History
  • Frank Alack Award (Benefit to Mankind and the Environment)

Feb 2015

  • Elected Academic Captain and Prefect

Nov 2014

  • Paul Milligan Award (Contribution to Information Technology at Nelson College)
  • First in Level 2 Accounting
  • Network Tasman Award (Science, Electronics, Business)

Nov 2013

  • Paul Milligan Award (Contribution to Information Technology at Nelson College)

Other Achievements

Nov 2015

Co-founder and Finance Director of the Bidvest Chefs Project that raised over $8000 for local charities.

Sept 2015

Member of Student Council at Nelson College, raising over $18,000 for the Child Cancer Foundation through the organization of the ‘Run-a-thon’ charity event.

Apr 2015

Represented Air New Zealand at the FedEx Express Junior Achievement International Trade Challenge, winning the New Zealand heat.

Apr 2013

Completed aid project at Makak Village, Cambodia.


Victoria University of Wellington 2016 — Present

Bachelor Degrees

Pursuing Bachelor of Commerce, Majoring in Management & Accounting and Bachelor of Laws

Nelson College 2011 — 2015

NCEA Level 3 Excellence Endorsement

While at Nelson College, I gained an excellence endorsement in NCEA levels 1 - 3. Notably, I also endorsed Accounting with excellence in levels 1 - 3, Business Studies with excellence in levels 2 - 3, and Mathematics with merit in levels 1 - 3.


Outside of study and work I have a range of interests. Fortunate enough to live near the sea, I enjoy a range of water activities, including paua diving and spear fishing. I'm also involved in the Wellington entrepreneurship community, attending startup incubators and mentoring young entrepreneurs.


Nick Churchouse

Head of Customer Engagement at Creative HQ
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Gary O'Shea

Headmaster at Nelson College

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Hamish Watson

Owner and Manager of Picton Fresh Choice

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